Saturday, July 26, 2008

Stanley Kubrick's Boxes

"Stanley Kubrick's films were landmark events – majestic, memorable and richly researched. But, as the years went by, the time between films grew longer and longer, and less and less was seen of the director. What on earth was he doing?

Two years after Kubrick's death, Jon Ronson was invited to the director's estate to explore the hundreds of boxes the legendary film director had collected during his decades at Childwick Manor in Hertfordshire. He's been returning ever since, and the story of Kubrick and the archive, now housed at University of the Arts London, is revealed in this fascinating documentary". Read more from Channel 4..


m said...

thankyu for posting such an awe inspiring documentaries.

With the overwhelming floods of media's in my hectic life, its always a great joy to visit your blog,

to seat back, watching and focusing back to what really matters.

Nazimul said...

Thanks for checking in, I am glad you like it.