Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Occupation 101: Voice of the Silenced Majority

Almost everyone we know have something or the other to say about the issue of Israel/Palestine occupation. Often times this story of struggle is reported from credible and persuasive sources as an age old struggle between two religious groups that will continue for centuries to come. The story is told from such an angle to exclude participation from those outside of the conflict. One of the issues the documentary examine is the history of the three major religious groups occupying the land.

The filmmakers introduce the documentary with footage of other nations fighting the occupation of their oppressors. Footage of unrest from countries such as Algeria, South Africa, the US and Indian parallel the injustice and oppression that any nation with its young would fight against. The film focuses on the side of the atrocities that go unreported day after day, checkpoints, displacement of families, refugee camps and many other issues.

At times the filmmakers used drum and base with the bloody images of the intifada to heighten the moment, however it feels over the top and needless, the violence and bloodiness of the truths was loud enough. The documentary was directed by Sufyan Omeish and Abdallah Omeish, and narrated by Alison Weir. A little about the outspoken narrator.

A short list of commentators in the film:
Richard Falk
Noam Chomsky
Peretz Kidron
Rashid Khalidi
Ilan Pappé

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rinkjustice said...

Beautiful! Can't wait to watch it :)

Nazimul said...

Hey, this is a really good doc on the issue, hope you like it.