Monday, March 31, 2008

Mumia Abu-jamal: A Case for Reasonable Doubt?

A Case for Reasonable Doubt?
A Journalist / Cab Driver serving time on death row,
a dead Police Officer and the city of Philadelphia.

The documentary looks at both sides of the case, but lean towards one more than the other. In 1981, Mumia Abu Jamal was convicted for the murder of a white police officer in the city of Philadelphia. The officer's name is Daniel Faulkner. Jamal is now serving time on death row. He always claimed his innocence yet never offered an explanation/statement of what exactly occurred on that deadly night. One of the many problems facing the case against Jamal are his witnesses, more that half of the eyewitnesses that night are dubious characters changing their stories along the way as a life lay in wait. Another part of the puzzle is Jamal's brother who was involved in the incident yet is missing altogether from the documentary.

The documentary makes a very convincing case against the evidence of the prosecution, the story brought forth by the prosecution were either coerced or thin air creation of the officers involved with the investigation. One of the officers said Abu Jamal made an open confession while in the hospital on the night in question, yet the attending physician said no such confession took place while he was present.

Mumia certainly has a lot to say, and a number of people seems to think what is on his mind is harmful and risky. However, he is the author of a few books and a journalist for NRP. A lot of his work is very accessible and can be found online.

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