Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids

What a burdensome title for a film, its loaded with disturbing content. And more disturbing to know, we are viewing a version of the truth, or something very close to it. The documentary is an important piece of history, showing one of the worst ways people make a living in the world. Zana Briski who is responsible for the film set out to document the lives of the prostitutes in Calcutta's Red Light District. The women of the district grew weary of Briski and her camera. However, the children were excite and fascinated by the camera and so she gained the children's confidence by teaching them how to photograph their home,family,friends and village. One of the really refreshing things about the film is the emphasis on the children, their unfiltered opinions, the way they see things. The filmmakers are most times in the background.

Deservingly, it won the Academy Awards for Best Documentary feature and all the other awards below it. You should just get a cup of tea and kick back an d watch it now, and then you should tell all of your friends.

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